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Social and Display

Do you want your Brand, Services, and Products seen by customers while they are on social media or other websites? Do you want to capture your customers needs throughout their purchase journey? Let us be your company's expert in developing Display and Social marketing campaigns to increase your Digital Brand presence.

Display (and/or) Social Service Suite                                                

Kick Off Call

Strategy Development

Campaign Creation

Audience and Target Research

Conversion setup and tracking (Analytics)

Ongoing Optimizations


Flat Fee Structure

One Time Setup Fee

One time setup fee will cover initial communications, kickoff call, initial strategy develop, and account setup.

$1,000 - $10,000 Based on account size and monthly media budget

Monthly Management Fee

Monthly management fee, is a flat monthly fee that covers all ongoing account optimizations, reporting and communication. Your account will have a dedicated account representative. No hour restrictions, no long term contracts required, and no monthly fluctuation costs.

$500 - $20,000 Based on account size and monthly media budget

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